Purpose of the Yearbook - Journal “Totalitarian and 20 th Century Studies”

“Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies” (ISSN 2545-241X) is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal that has been published by the Pilecki Institute continuously since 2017. Broadly speaking, it is intended to serve as a platform for presenting the results of research into 20th-century totalitarian systems and the historical events and processes which they influenced, and also to facilitate a theoretical and methodological reflection on matters connected with this topical scope. Of particular importance are issues concerning the history of Communism and Nazism, with a specific focus on ideology, praxis, and the criminality which these engendered. We encourage researchers from the humanities (with a particular focus on history, political science, law, and sociology) to send in texts that are concordant with the scope of the periodical and constitute the result of their original, hitherto unpublished research. Further, we welcome the submission of reviews of scholarly works, editions of important source documents, and reports on scientific conferences. Thanks to its bilingual format, the journal constitutes a significant forum for the exchange of thoughts between researchers from Poland and abroad. The journal is published annually.