Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies Vol. 5, praca zbiorowa | joint publication - Journal “Totalitarian and 20 th Century Studies”

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Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies Vol. 5

praca zbiorowa | joint publication

A bilingual interdisciplinary yearbook serving as an international forum for the exchange of thought, the presentation of results of monographic research and synthetic writings, and for a methodological reflection. The yearbook is devoted to studies into the 20th century, with a particular focus on various aspects of totalitarianism.

The recent volume is devoted to issues related to the initial years of the Second World War – a period during which the totalitarian systems of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union claimed to themselves the right to annihilate the existing socio-political structure and build a "new order" on its ruins. The topical scope of the volume is fairly broad, as it encompasses events from several European countries and from outside the continent.


prof. Grzegorz Berendt, prof. Paweł Kaczorowski, prof. Marek Kornat, prof. Stephan Lehnstaedt, prof. Piotr Madajczyk, prof. Joanna Nowakowska-Małusecka, prof. Tadeusz Panecki, dr. Paweł Skibiński, prof. Aleks Szczerbiak


dr Wojciech Kozłowski


Mateusz Fałkowski, dr. Marcin Panecki, dr. Jerzy Rohoziński, dr. Martyna Rusiniak-Karwat, prof. Witold Stankowski, dr. Justyna Stępień, dr. Mateusz Werner, dr. Krystian Wiciarz, dr. Mariola Serafin (sekretarz redakcji / Assistant to the Editorial Board), Joanna Adamczyk (redaktor prowadzący / Managing Editor)


dr Olga Barbasiewicz, dr hab. Grzegorz Bębnik, dr hab. Tomasz Gajownik, dr Magdalena Heruday-Kiełczewska, dr Hubert Mielnik, prof. KULs. dr hab. Agata Mirek, dr hab. Małgorzata Mizerska-Wrotkowska, dr Joanna Nikel, dr Monika Polit, dr hab. Marek Romaniuk, dr Bogumił Rudawski, dr hab. Tadeusz Paweł Rutkowski, prof. dr hab. Jan Henryk Sienkiewicz, prof. dr hab. Józef Smoliński, prof. UJ dr hab. Joanna Sondel-Cedarmas, prof. dr hab. Jakub Tyszkiewicz, dr hab. Elżbieta Wojcieszyk, prof. dr hab. Jakub Wojtkowiak, dr Maciej Wyrwa, prof. dr hab. Wiesław Jan Wysocki, prof. UKSW ks. dr hab. Dominik Zamiatała


Aleksandra Arumińska, Maciej Grabski, Łukasz Plęs, Ian Stephenson


The Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor (Pilecki Institute)



Table of Contents

Wojciech Kozłowski, Bartłomiej Kapica
Henryk Stroński
Between the Great Famine and the Great Terror. The Deportations of People from the Border Districts of the Soviet Ukraine in 1935
José Luis Orella Martínez
Spain at the Beginning ofthe Second World War: A Reaction to the German Invasion of Poland. International Relations and the Press of a Neutral Country
Wayne H. Bowen
At the Fringes of the New Order, Spain and Poland, 1939–1940
Bartłomiej Kucek
A Chance for Slovakia? The Depictions of War and the European New Order in Slovak Press between September 1939 and the German Invasion of the USSR
Valentine Aldebert, Sabrina Proschmann
A New Order for European Communication: Ideology or Technocratic Necessity? The European Postal and Telecommunications Union (1942–1945)
Norman Domeier
How The Associated Press Supported the Nazi Media Campaign During the German Attack on Poland in September 1939
Wanda Jarząbek
KL Gusen in the Context of the Nazi Germany Policies toward the Polish Citizens in the First Year of War
Karol Kalinowski
Repressions Against the Catholic Clergy in Warsaw (1939–1940) in Testimonies Made Before the Main Commission forthe Investigation of German Crimes in Poland
Agnieszka Dąbek
The Conduct of the Sandomierz Diocese Priests. The Case Study of Bishop Jan Kanty Lorek and Rev. Ignacy Życiński
Lisa Payne Ossian
Saving Poland’s “Children of the Children.” “Food for the Small Democracies,” 1939–1942 & 1946
Joanna Lubecka
Occupation or Seizure: A Dispute Between Polish Lawyers as to the Legal Status of the German Conquest of Polish Territory
Bartosz Gralicki
The Archive of the Documentation Office of the II Corps: Tasks and Challenges
Paweł Lesisz
Memory of Internment Camps in Lithuania on the Basis of Questionnaires Prepared by the Historical Section and the Documents Bureau of the Polish Army in the East
Jakub Witt
Violations of Holocaust Memory in Art
Notes about the Authors
Mikołaj Getka-Kenig
Stefan Artymowski "Plan zagłady Warszawy" [A Plan for the Annihilation of Warsaw]
Bartłomiej Kapica
Michał Przeperski "Mieczysław Rakowski. Biografia" [Mieczysław Rakowski. A Biography]